Court Marriage in Nepal : A Complete Guide

The court marriage in Nepal also called as marriage by registration is governed by the Chapter of Marriage of Civil Code 2017 (2074).

The marriage by registration can be done by both Nepalese citizen or between Nepalese citizen and a foreigner. Nepalese citizens who are staying in Nepal or living abroad, as well as foreign citizens, can conclude marriage by registration in Nepal.

Procedure for Marriage Registration in Nepal

Marriage Registration can be done through  three methods in Nepal:

  1. Marriage by registration through district court (Court Marriage)
  2. Registration of Marriage in the local level (Marriage registration of couple in the ward office of the permanent address who has already married through social/religious rituals)
  3. Marriage by registration through Embassy or Consulate Office (Marriage by registration is done through disctrict court if couples are in Nepal or they can opt for marriage by registration through embassy of Nepal or consulate office if they are in foreign)

Eligibility and minimum age of marriage in Nepal

A marriage may be concluded between a man and a woman by fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Both man and the woman agree to accept each other as husband and wife
  • If the man and the woman are not relatives, punishable by law on incest
  • If matrimonial relationship of both the man and the woman does not exist (Both man and woman shall be single at the time of making application for marriage)
  • Both have attained 20 years of age

Requirements for Foreign Citizens for Court Marriage in Nepal

Foreign citizens intending for court marriage in Nepal shall make an application by fulfilling these conditions:

  • A No-Objection Letter from the respective Embassy or Consulate in Nepal
  • Translated Notarized Copy of the Family Law (Marriage Law) of the Foreign Country in Nepali Language
  • A Minimum of 15 Days Proof of Residence in Nepal from the concerned local level ward Office
  • Copy of Passport with Visa

Marriage by registration through Embassy or Consulate Office

According to Section 76 (2) of Muluki Civil Code, 2074, couple residing in foreign countries can give application for Marriage Registration to the Embassy of Nepal or Consulate General.

Required documents for court marriage in Nepal

SN Documents Remarks
1. Citizenship / Passport Nepalese citizen can conclude court marriage either through their citizenship or passport but the foreign citizen shall show the valid passport. The notarized copy of citizenship/passport shall be submitted along with the application.
2. Single status certificate Nepalese citizen shall give an application to the ward office of their permanent address for issuing the single status certificate. Foreigner shall issue such certificate from their concerned government officealong with No objection letter.
3. Two witness A total of two witness who have attained the age of majority shall be brought before the court for marriage by registration. (Better if these person be relatives of the couple)
4. 4 Photo each 4 passport sized photo of each having white background.
5. Recommendation of temporary residence The foreginers and the Nepalese citizen who are appliying to the disctrict court for marriage other than the district court of their permanent address as mentioned in the citizenship, shall give an application to the ward office of their temporary resisdence for issuing the temporary residence ceritficate certifying they have stayed for atleast 15 days.
6. Application for marriage by registration A duly filled application along with NPR 500 shall be submitted to the disctrict court.

After the application is made to the district court by fulfilling these criteria and documents, the district judge verifies the authencity of documents and concludes the marriage between the couple and the court issues the certificate of marriage. The time for court marriage in Nepal generally takes 2 working days.