Our Team

Advocate Nischal Wagle

From an early age, Nischal Wagle had a passion for law. His journey has been a mix of learning and achievements, showcasing his dedication to the field.
Starting at Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nischal earned a Bachelor of Law (B.A.LL.B) degree in 2018. Continuing his quest for knowledge, Nischal pursued a Master of Laws (LLM) at South Asian University, reflecting his dedication and recognition of his academic excellence. In 2022, Nischal became a Faculty Member at B.A.LL.B. Nepal Law Campus. His engaging lectures focused on key subjects of corporate law like Competition Law, Contract Law, and Company Law, leaving a positive impact on his students.
While Nischal is known for his expertise in commercial law, he’s not limited to it. His knowledge spans various legal areas, making him a go-to person for advice or representation.
For anyone needing legal guidance or representation, Nischal Wagle is ready to share his knowledge and experience to help navigate the issue.

Advocate Sandesh Subedi

Sandesh specializes in corporate and commercial law. Sandesh has a special focus on Private Equity. He possesses expertise in corporate compliance, labor law, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, drafting legal opinions, handling court cases, conducting legal due diligence, and managing various contracts related to share purchase, share subscription, shareholders, joint ventures, and other matters on Private Equity.


Sandesh has graduated with a five-year B.A.LLB Degree from Tribhuvan University, Nepal Law Campus, and completed his Master’s Degree from South Asian University, New Delhi, India. He is an advocate licensed by the Nepal Bar Council.